Ensure the Safety of all our interested parties (stakeholders) (clients, staff, suppliers and collaborators) is our main premise for our next opening in July.

We are working to implement the Safety and hygiene measures in all the facilities of our hotels.

Our objective is to minimize the risk of contagion of Sars-Cov-2, for this reason we are implementing the Safety and Hygiene measures approved by Health and embodied by ICTE (Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality) in the “Safety Protocols and Hygiene for Hotels and tourist apartments ”

Based on this protocol and, with the collaboration of PREVIS GESTIÓN DE RIESGOS, S.L.U. and SGS TECNOS, S.A., we have drawn up our “Contingency Plan” that guarantees the implementation of security and hygiene measures in our hotels.


lncreased cleaning frequency and reviews especially in areas of greater contact

Daily ventilation of commonly used areas where there have been customers

Cleaning carts are cleaned and disinfected after every daily use

Cleaning surfaces with disinfectant products approved by the the Spanish Department of Health

The collection of bins from common areas is carried out safely, so that the bags are closed and transferred to the waste collection point

Note that there is a daily check of the cleanings performed.

We have established a maximum capacity of the reception area and necessary measures to ensure distance between customer and employees. (e.g. protective screen, mask, glasses, etc.)

Disinfectant solution is available in the reception and reception area

Avoid sharing pens and if done, they are disinfected after use

There are distance markers to avoid crowds and ensure the mínimum safety distance

Payment by credit card or other means is encouraged preferably contactless. The terminal (POS) is disinfected after each use.

The cleaning of the counter is done after each use taking into account the influx of customers.

Keys or cards, if any, are deposited in a container with disinfectant after each use if deposited at reception.

The keyboard, screen, telephone and other objects used by the receptionist are disinfected at the beginning and end of each work shift.

The allocation of rooms is carried out guaranteeing the required hygienic disinfection measures.

Disinfectant carpets are available at the entrance of the property.

When required, the baggage transport service is carried out safely with gloves disposable and/or disinfectant wipes to clean the luggage.

Cleaning staff will not offer the service in the rooms while the customer remains inside, except for justified cause.

The floor area staff uses individual protective equipment according to each situation. At a mínimum use mask and vinyl gloves.

Gloves and masks will be discarded depending on their lifespan and the conditions in which they are used.

After cleaning and after disposing of the protective equipment and materials used, they will be disposed of safely in the lidded buckets enabled for storage and subsequent management, then wash the hands

Reduction of textiles (including carpets) in the room, decoration objects, ammenities to act according to the defined contingency plan

Bathroom bin with lid, double bag and non-manual drive.

Blankets and pillows must be protected. SERVICE ON REQUEST

At the customer’s check-out, the hairdryer is cleaned.

Hangers will be disinfected at the customer’s check-out

lron service is limited

We removed the stationery from the room so that any paper, mask, etc. is concentrated in a single bin with lid, minimizing the risk of transmission and handling

Dirty textiles are collected, put in a bag and closed until treated in the laundry

Dirty textiles are washed above 60 degrees.

The maintenance staff will enter the room when the customer is not in the room

Staff will protect themselves with the individual protective equipment defined (mask and gloves)

After the repair is done, the staff will discard PPE according to the defined contingency plan

In the exceptional case of having to make a repair with the customer inside, it is necessary to urge the customer to use a mask

Avoid any physical contact (greetings, delivery of packing slips, etc.).

We periodically check the air conditioning system, and ducts are cleaned more frequently

We established the capacity of the different common spaces

The property has a disinfectant solution in places of passage and in those facilities that have intensive use by customers.

Common toilets are cleaned on the scheduled frequency and feature hand dryer drying paper dispensers avoiding towels and even for individual use.

Maintain the safety distance between customers

Paper, gel and soap dispensers are periodically cleaned based on their use

Consumables are guaranteed to be replenished (soap, paper towels, etc.)

All closed spaces are frequently ventilated during the day.

Gym (exclusive use of people from the same family unit)

There is a bucket or basket with a plastic bag to deposit used towels.

We do the cleaning and disinfection of the gym after each use.

Towels must be used in all equipment

Children's play areas

We have increased cleaning frequency in these areas.

Childcare managers will be required to ensure higher hygiene with washing and/frequent hand disinfection


The maximum capacity in elevators is 3 people.

Using masks if they are not members of the same family unit to respect the safety distance

Swimming pools

We have a hygienic-sanitary control system for all our swimming pools in compliance with current regulations.

Sunbed area:

We adapt the capacity to meet the safety distance.The areas outside the pool are cleaned and disinfected, as well as the surroundings.


The development of animation activities will be done if possible outdoors and without exchange of objects.

The activities have to be designed and planned in such a way that they allow to control the capacity and respect the mínimum distance of safety between people. Otherwise, a mask will be used.

After each activity, the material used is disinfected