Grupo Galdana is a family company linked to the service sector since 1970. Our main objective is to make the protection of the environment compatible with the development of our activity, and thus improve its relationship with the environment and achieve the maximum satisfaction of our customers. Therefore, the top management and all the staff of the organisation dedicate all our efforts to the continuous improvement of the services we offer.

Our management policy is totally committed to the environment, to the quality of our Services and to the Health and Safety of our workers; our purpose is to achieve a state of Sustainable Development. To do this, we establish an integrated Management System and we commit ourselves to periodically reviewing our activities to ensure compliance with our management policy and the continuous improvement of our results

The principles of our integrated management system are:

  • Strictly complying with current environmental and Occupational Health and Safety legislation and regulations, as well as the principles and commitments established in this policy.
  • Directing our efforts into knowing the requirements, needs and expectations of our customers and satisfying them with criteria for quality, economy, safety and environmental protection.
  • Adopting measures to minimise the environmental impact of our activity as much as possible, carrying out policies of reduction, reuse and recycling of waste generated in our centres; reducing our emissions abroad; using renewable energy.
  • Guiding management towards excellence through processes of prevention and continuous improvement in which the entire Organisation is involved and has much to contribute.
  • Evaluating the development of our activity, assessing its impact on the environment and continuously improving it to guarantee the competitiveness of our company in the long term; for this, we will apply and use ecologically efficient products with security criteria.
  • Establishing collaborative relationships with suppliers and subcontractors based on full confidence, encouraging them to be governed by our environmental policy and contributing to minimising the environmental impacts derived from their activities.
  • Relationship and collaboration with the Administrations oriented to the prevention or resolution of environmental emergencies or occupational health.
  • Regularly informing clients, distributors and other interested parties about the company’s environmental activities and their repercussions, allowing us to maintain open and fluid communication with them.
  • Promoting the sense of environmental responsibility: Informing, sensitising and training all workers about their obligations and responsibilities in terms of the safety and environmental aspects which affect them. All employees are obliged to observe the regulations in force in the performance of their duties.
  • Achieving continuous improvement in all processes and procedures involved in our management.
  • Establishing procedures to verify compliance with our Management Policies; Setting objectives and goals aimed at reducing the environmental impact; using resources efficiently; and defining the measures to adopt in case of non-compliance.
  • Providing our clients with indications on suitable environmental aspects for the use and enjoyment of our activities and services; Maintaining quality standards which help us retain our customers.


Luis Pablo Casals Villalonga
General Manager